Another option is to go to Africa, maybe Ghana or some other country, south America is also a option. With the trillion dollars we can and will set up our own community or nation. Every one will be employed for every one is needed. If we opt to migrate to Africa, then the U.S. government would have to add $1 trillion dollars for compensation along with the $1 trillion dollar for reparation. That is because many Black people will have to be compensated for the equity in their houses they leave behind. Africa can easily absorb 45 million Black folks because it is vast, with about 1 billion people already on the continent.  Time is of the essence. Stop wasting time begging for a job or an oscar. Plus financial currency will have to be generated quickly. 2 trillion dollars seem like a lot but its not unless it can be used to generate more wealth. Since China, India, Japan and other countries seem so interested in Africa, we will deal with them on a equitable basis as a community. Also there are over a billion people in Africa to trade with. We have to move fast, yesterday is too late. Instead of 60 separate billion dollar companies. we would need 120 companies finance with 1 or 2 billion dollars loan from the reparation money.  Black people with expertise like lonnie Johnson will be given a loan of 2 billion dollars to invest in a energy firm .  People like tyler Perry or Will Packer for example will be give 1 or 2 Billion dollar loans for a vast media conglomerate. They are just being used as an example. We have to rush, run and not walk to our divine destiny.

With the $14 trillion dollars received for reparation we will created 60 multibillionaires and 300,000 Black millionaires within 4 years. 60 billion dollar loans will go to 60 individuals or group with a viable plan for a big business, such as automobile or airplane manufacturing or large scale farming and so on. Those individuals or group must trace their ancestry back to slaves in this country, the united states of america.  300,000 individuals will receive a loan of a million dollars if they prove to have a viable business  plan or a organizational plan. They too must trace their ancestry back to slavery in this country. You can imagine the vast amount of personnel needed to administer these loan and to investigate and monitor theses businesses and organization. We will have to establish our federal banking system. Some of the 60 billion dollars loans will be for the establishment of private banks.  We will butress Black colleges and university with needed endowments. There will be establishment of big privately owned media companies like cable, music, radio, movies making, newspapers, magazines, bill board companies and so on. The big farms will call for other businesses like canning, supermarkets, frozen food and so on. There will be needed trucks to carry the produce to market. 

     We will also establish international trade, especially with Africa. Private companies will invest in solar energy and agribusinesses in Africa and the Caribbean as well as South America. Having our own airlines, we will establish diplomatic relationships also with these countries. We will interchange students in our vastly improved colleges and universities. Our arm forces will help in the matter of any insurrection built on false premises. 

​    In order to receive reparation we may have to have mass marches on Washington and in many cities demanding reparations. In unity and by the millions we will organize and petition the government for what is rightfully ours and that is payment that our ancestors earned but did not received.

     Billions of dollars will be used for scholarships for worthy Black students.  Billions more will be used to upgrade Black colleges and universities.

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