Reparation will have to be paid for the shame and suffering visited upon the slaves and the freedmen even up to today 2016. Mothers had their children snatched from them. Husbands were forcibly separated from their wife. Black females, males and children were whip for the smallest infraction by sadistic white "masters" and overseers. Black girls 10 or 12 years of age were brought and sold to pedophiles. As true now as then there were most likely white homosexuals who took advantage of black enslaved males for the whites pleasure. So for this injustice as well as back wages reparation must be paid now. Restitution must be made now. This adds a trillion dollars onto the trillion dollars for unpaid labor.

[An African mother and slave nursing for a white master's baby.]



  • Mother, I Need Your Prayer (Alt. Take)2:43


(1) Black women shared in all aspect of Blacks oppression in general. ​from the book black woman in white America.

(2)Black women are object of exploitative sex by white men.

​(3) The rape of Black Women is employed as a weapon of terror directed against the entire Black community.

(4) When Black men are prevented, through social taboos or violence, from defending their women, the oppression of all Blacks is heightened and institutionalized.

(5) When Black men are oppressed economically to the extent that they cannot secure steady employment at decent wages many Black women are deprived of the support of a male breadwinner and must take an added economic burden. The psychological effect of the symbolic castration of Black males is also borne by Black women.

Our progress depends in the united strength of both men and women- The women alone nor the men alone cannot do the work. we have to fully realized that fact by witnessing the work of our men with the women in the rear. This is indeed the women's era, and we are coming.

​Rosetta Douglas-Spague, july 20, 1896